About Me


Past Experience:

With over 30-years of management experience, I've had the pleasure of assisting, guiding, and improving the lives of many people.

Current Experience:

Today, I have transformed my skills to better assist those people who truly want to make positive changes in their lives through the power of relaxation using hypnosis as a tool.

I inspire my clients to release fears and negativity, and to focus on the positive aspects of any situation. Through hypnosis I am able to assist my clients to gain insight into the origins of their behavior and then successfully move them forward toward fulfilling their dreams and desires.

I also assist my clients with a variety of problems such as stress and anxiety, relationship issues, quitting smoking, self empowerment, etc. It's very rewarding when a client expresses that I have helped them become empowered, allowing them to gain control over their lives while make lasting positive changes.

Hypnotherapy Specialties:

Change Habits

General Practice


Self Confidence

Spoken Languages:



Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Motivation Institute
Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy - Diploma
Graduated: 10/28/2010, 300 hours

Continuing Education

Diploma in Handwriting Analysis - Hypnosis Motivation Institute

Continuing Education from the American Hypnosis Association

How to do the First Three Sessions - Jan 09, 2011

Certifications from the American Hypnosis Association

Hypnosis and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Apr 14, 2013

Past-Life Regression Therapist - Feb 19, 2012

Healing the Inner Child with Hypnosis - Jan 01, 2012

Certified Hypnosis and Weight Loss Specialist - Oct 25, 2011

Smoking Cessation - Dec 09, 2009


Certified Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapists Union Local 472
Certification/License Number: 652148

Professional Memberships

American Hypnosis Association

Member Since: 2010

Certified Hypnosis & Weight Loss Specialist
Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Handwriting Analysis
Healing the Inner Child with Hypnosis
How to do the First Three Sessions
Hypnosis & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Past-life Regression Therapist
Smoking Cessation